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Quality cooking means you need to be on the culinary cutting edge. As it turns out, there’s nothing better to slice and dice with than Edge of Belgravia knives. Seriously, these things are like freaking SWORDS!

I was preparing a little at-home date night meal and gave the knives their first official test run. My signature crispy, roasted brussel sprouts were on the menu (big on flavor, light on the waistline), as was a perfectly simple baked lemon and garlic chicken dish that I invented on the spot. In order to prepare all the ingredients though, I needed to dice up the brussels and slice up some lemons. The Edge of Belgravia knives were like a godsend.

No one likes buying knives. Or kitchenware. Right? Like, you know you need these things, but buying a new frying pan doesn’t exactly bring the same joy as buying a new pair of shoes. In this case I think it’s important to look at kitchenware as new toys, or as the perfect accessory to create better, tastier dishes.

As I was slicing the lemons, I felt like I was cutting through butter. The six-piece Precision Chef Knife Series blends bold design with the sheer force, the lemons basically cut themselves. I could be thinly slicing ham for Easter Sunday, mincing garlic, or chopping veggies, and feel like a I belong on the Food Network because of how easily each knife works with each meal I prepare. Best of all, each blade is coated in stainless steel, so they’re non-stick! Super affordable and easy to sharpen, the Precision Series is something I personally highly recommend. How could I not? They made my date night meal turn into a complete success 🙂

AND, one of the coolest things, they come with a customized, modern knife holder that is just as functional as it is decorative. Talk about adding some flair to your kitchen.

Bon appetit!

Hamptons to Hollywood - Edge of Belgravia

Hamptons to Hollywood - Edge of Belgravia

Hamptons to Hollywood - Edge of Belgravia

Hamptons to Hollywood - Edge of Belgravia

Hamptons to Hollywood - Edge of Belgravia

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