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THINK PINK for Breast Cancer

Hamptons to Hollywood - Beast Cancer Awareness - Kyle Langan

It is widely known that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The disease is one that millions of women (and men) are affected by, whether they have it themselves, or have a family member or friend that suffers with it.

My own great-grandmother was a sufferer of Breast Cancer, so the illness is unfortunately a familiar one in my life. While not everyone may have the means or opportunity to donate to Breast Cancer charities, most everyone has the ability to raise awareness of the disease and show their support of those who are battling it.

Think Pink. In the remaining days of October, I challenge everyone to don some pink attire (you too, gentlemen), to show those affected by this dreadful disease that there are people out there who are supporting them, even if it’s someone they don’t know. Having any type of disease can feel alienating and lonely; do your part to help those battling for their lives that they aren’t alone.

I’m showing my support. Are you?

Hamptons to Hollywood - Kyle Langan - Think Pink

Hamptons to Hollywood - Kyle Langan - Think Pink

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