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La Nuit en Rosé | Los Angeles 2016

Hamptons to Hollywood - La Nuit en Rosé

Overnight Delivery Ambien Online The old adage is true; the world looks better through rosé-colored glasses – at least it did when La Nuit en Rosé touched down at The Mondrian Hotel in Los Angeles. I was able to attend one of summer’s best kickoff events with fellow bloggers, Mitch Swan of Cavalier Crew and Brielle Galekovic of The Gilded Bellini.

https://www.katalystdm.com/uncategorized/dwtufaksd Upon entering the Sunday Pool Party at Skybar, the three of us were greeted to a variety of rosé sampling stations that truly sensationalized the palate. Being a HUGE fan of rosé, I was obsessed with SO many of the varietals that the festival offered, it was simply impossible to choose a favorite.

Wine aside, one of the most exciting aspects of the party was the effortless summer vibe that was exuded from every corner of Skybar. All of the attendees were excited to start the summer season and because of that, there was a friendliness, even among strangers, that had everyone bonding and saying “cheers!” as they sampled each type of wine.


Zolpidem Tartrate Mail Order LA Nuit en Rosé is to be applauded for producing such a stellar event and curating an exceptional list of rosé vendors that brought the utmost quality to the Sunday Pool Party. Not only did Mitch, Brielle, and I experience more rosé than I could have ever dreamed of, but we made an assortment of new friends who were just as passionate about living the casually luxurious life we know the impending summer will bring. Keep up with La Nuit en Rosé for all their upcoming events and make sure to check out their SHOP for their fun wine-themed swag.


https://oasis-allergie.org/2022/09/05/v386cii5 Cheers!

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