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Buy Ambien Overnight Delivery Sean, my little bro (who’s ironically bigger than me), and my Dad came for a visit this past weekend from the East Coast. They arrived on Wednesday night & I was so excited to see them I literally drove over a curb at LAX and nearly ran over a TSA Agent to pick them up at the Virgin Airlines gate. On Thursday Sean and I got in touch with our inner-kids at Disneyland. On Friday Sean fell in love with Venice after we tried to get tan under a storm cloud which I’m positive will end up turning into a meme somewhere because we looked liked the whitest tourists imaginable. Then Saturday we headed downtown to the Staples Center where we watched the Clippers win against Golden State.

Buy Zolpidem Sleeping Pills Sunday was a real treat because we headed down San Diego way to visit my grandparents, who just recently moved to a new home on a golf course. Never having golfed before because I never thought I’d be  old or boring enough to enjoy such a “sport”, I was hesitant, but after realizing that I could pilot the golf cart, I was in there like swimwear. Turns out that Sean was the best player on the green which I’m going to attribute to beginner’s luck; my Dad played horribly and it was the first time I had ever seen him do badly at anything.

Then on Monday, before I knew it, we were saying goodbye after a feast at P.F. Changs. Their time in Cali FLEW by, but I will be home in just a few short months for Seany’s GRADUATION FROM HIGH SCHOOL – when the eff did that happen??

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Hamptons to Hollywood - Kyle Langan lifestyle blog
They hated this pic, but I looked good, so…
Hamptons to Hollywood - lifestylr blog - Kyle Langan Miss them already.

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