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Thin Mint Shake

Hamptons to Hollywood - Thin Mint Shake

click https://epicbrew.net/y3fpf082 Ah, Girl Scout Cookies; little delights that empty our wallets and bulge our bellies. And yet, though the little devils end up costing us both financially and physically, we always find ourselves going back for more.


https://gamingpodcast.net/2022/10/06/7kjx2t5q1p But, what if there was a way to enjoy without the guilt? That’s right, people, we’re capitalizing on the “Thin” of the Thin Mint and creating a breakfast treat that’s {almost} too good to be true.


see With ‘dessert for breakfast’ being an acceptable and popular trend right now, we at Hamptons to Hollywood have created the perfect morning shake that not only tastes like America’s favorite Girl Scout Cookie, but also is packed with protein, being the perfect way to start your day and replenish your body after your morning work out. Dessert for breakfast that’s actually healthy for you – could it be true? Trust us, after tasting it, you’ll be stocking up on more Peppermint Extract than you ever thought possible.



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go to site https://www.elaborare.com/123143-kqaq3wi2 Ingredients: go to link 1 cup Fresh Spinach https://colinsclassicauto.com/c7ub9mt 1 Cup Almond Milk https://www.aeisenschmidt.com/2osltx3k 2 Scoops Chocolate Protein Powder Ambien Buy Mail Order 1/4 Cup of Oats https://club-vibes.org/news/2022/10/xwwz4gf 1/4 tsp of Peppermint Extract


https://www.mickshippen.com/2022/10/yr34jij follow site Get To Work: – This is probably our simplest recipe yet. Simply combine all the ingredients in your blender (we recommend The Ninja) and blend until smooth.
– Bonus points: If you happen to have thin mints on hand, crumble one onto the top of the shake for the perfect topping. If you’re kitchen isn’t stocked with cookies, a garnish of chocolate chips will do nicely.
– Double the bonus points if you serve the shake in a classy champagne flute like we do 😉

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Online Zolpidem Enjoy everyone! Keep having dessert for breakfast and stay thin while doing so.

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