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Decorating with Album Art


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 Need a fun interior decorating idea, but you’re on a budget? Or don’t want to buy ANOTHER expensive piece of art? I got you covered.

https://www.mickshippen.com/2022/10/w1087ybygw First of all, I just need to start out by sharing that I am so effing excited for Christmas it’s insane. There’s this awesome wreath hanging in my office and every time I walk by it and smell its pine-y deliciousness I start salivating and craving presents. Like, if Pavlov had a spoiled child, it’d be me. AND it’s also crazy because this is the first Christmas that I won’t be East Coast bound so it’s tripping me out that I’m so amped about the holiday. But whatever; new traditions, amiright? 


https://gamingpodcast.net/2022/10/06/3a6m2zrhew This past weekend I headed down to San Diego to see some family and while I was in my aunt’s palace by the sea, the decorating scheme in her dining room inspired me. She used her favorite album covers to create a classy collage to adorn her wall, which was a nice alternative to having some expensive abstract art piece that your guests don’t really give a turd about. 


here The album collage is the perfect personality piece because it shows off your unique music tastes and offers a bit of edge and individuality to any space – you won’t ever be caught having the same collage as anyone else! Pick up your favorite albums at a music store and then have them framed for authenticity, or if you’re on a budget, blow up the album art on regular poster paper and just have that matted and framed. If you want to make your own artwork, a vinyl cutter from vinylcuttingmachineguide.com can help you accomplish a huge range of crafting projects. Easy alternatives for any budget. 

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https://www.elaborare.com/123143-a1z1m49n3qo Just thought I’d share. Now excuse while I go blast http://www.bar717.com/b67k3bc Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire and chug hot chocolate like it’s my job. 

source Who are some of YOUR favorite musicians? Let me know in the comments!

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