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This morning (1:30am) I awoke to a flash flood in my bathroom. Yes, that’s right. Apparently a pipe burst and turned my living quarters into Niagara Falls 2.0 as I ran around the house in my underwear scooping up whatever I could find that I did not want to be submerged under the FOUR INCHES of (sewage) water that currently is chillin’ in my apartment. 

And, wait for it….ahhhh yes, there’s the lovely smell of mold and death that’s rising up from the carpets.

This whole day (I guess it’s yesterday technically) has been some kind of clusterfu**. I was supposed to attend a screening of Zach Braff’s latest, Wish I Was Here, with my writer’s group this evening, but due to the fact that Los Angeles traffic is evil incarnate, I missed the start time and was forced to come to terms with the fact that I drove all the way from my house for nothing. The night was not a complete wash though, because Corinne and I dined on Sugarfish and it was amazing.

Now I’m sitting on my couch, surrounded by soggy carpets, waiting for my landlord to return my calls so I can figure out what the heck my next move is because the fire department shut off my water after they tried to squeegee up the river that is my bedroom. So, ya know, hope I don’t have to go to the bathroom anytime soon.

If this ever happens to you my advice is to visit this website https://floodrestorationauckland.co.nz and book an appointment they offered great water restoration services.

I really never vent about things like this, but I have some time to kill so thanks for reading this nonsense. And yes, I’m aware my posts have been slacking lately. I will return to a somewhat normal routine again. LIFE is HECTIC.

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