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Jackie: A Look Inside Her Hamptons Life

Hamptons to Hollywood - Jackie Kennedy Mansion

https://historickailuavillage.com/b7wvw5qhm7 Admittedly, we’ve always had a thing for The Kennedys. From their rich history as American royalty, to their fascinating, mysterious, and altogether tragic “curse”, they are a dynasty that after decades, we still can’t get enough of.

And perhaps the most culturally significant icon to come from that family, is the beloved Jackie.


Born in the summertime of 1929, right in Southampton Hospital, Jackie was a Hamptonite, quite literally, from birth. Bred from a Wall Street tycoon father and socialite mother, Jackie was named for her father, John “Black Jack” Bouvier, and spent her time like many New Yorkers do, between Manhattan and the Hamptons. While in East Hampton, Jackie often spent her time riding horses and by age eleven was a champion equestrian, scoring a double victory in a horseman competition.

https://360homeconnect.com/uv8hrzi Her childhood home in East Hampton, Lesata, which in Native American is translated to “place of peace”, recently went on the market in September of this year, and was previously owned by Coach design executive, Reed Krakoff.


https://highskywing.org/?p=vajk4s4 Step inside the updated mansion.

Jackie Kennedy's Hamptons home
Jackie Kennedy's Hamptons home
Jackie Kennedy's Hamptons home
Jackie Kennedy's Hamptons home
Jackie Kennedy's Hamptons home

Though aside from the impressive Lasata, Jackie’s Hamptons roots delve even deeper. The 1975 documentary, Grey Gardens, chronicled the lives of her aunt and cousin, both aptly named Edith Bouvier Beale, and the deplorable conditions of their East Hampton mansion, in which they lived throughout the year. Though the documentary was originally envisioned to be a film on Jackie’s childhood growing up in the Hamptons, the Beales “stole the show” as they say, and the original concept for Jackie’s Hamptons film was scrapped.

It was then, after an expose in the National Enquirer showcasing the Beales’ decaying estate, that Jackie ventured back to the Hamptons. In an effort to aid her family and set them on a course that would reinstate them as the crème de la crème of New York society, she convinced then-husband Aristotle Onassis to spend upwards up $30,000 renovating the house in order to make it safe for human habitation again.

https://www.naomella.com/2022/06/5faxdsv6so7 Though Jackie didn’t spend the majority of her life on Long Island after that, her sister, Lee Radziwell, who was a good friend of Andy Warhol, lived in Montauk during the 1960s while Jackie’s daughter, highly respected diplomat and author, Caroline Kennedy, lived in Sagaponack with her husband.


https://eaglepoolservice.com/1xy151ua Jackie truly lived the Hamptons lifestyle many aspire to, though as it is when many outsiders look in, what goes on behind closed doors is often not the impeccable image one might imagine. Though just as nearly anyone has been to the Hamptons falls in love with it, the same can be said for our favorite first lady as indicative of this poem she wrote as a child:

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