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Sailing Solo on The Queen Mary

As you may recall, I had an apartment flood recently which left me homeless and without a bed for a few nights, drowning in uncertainty. Thankfully, Long Beach’s biggest tourist attraction came to the rescue so I wouldn’t sink; hence an evening aboard The Queen Mary…

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https://epicbrew.net/uputmhtfm The story goes that the old Queen is loud, beautiful, unpredictable, and haunted ( https://www.mickshippen.com/2022/10/kqwshr0rd I’m talking about the ship, guys, not the latest performer in a WeHo drag-show), so I was very intrigued to check her out and explore. I checked into my room and was excited, thinking I’d have a little porthole to gaze out of into the smoggy Los Angeles night sky as I drifted to sleep. But no. I swiped my keycard and was greeted by a window-less room, which kinda made my heart sink ( https://3ap.org/2022/10/pbbtlnv not go on and oonnnnnnnn).


enter site The accommodations were nice though and I just reminded myself that it was a novelty just to be aboard this legendary gem. Then, I took off for the poop deck!


https://club-vibes.org/news/2022/10/vmv9nl1vz5 Mary took her maiden voyage on May 27, 1936, over 20 years after that whole Titanic oopsie; yet the whole time I was on board I could not stop thinking about that famed ocean liner and how if I maybe just made my way to the back of the Queen Mary I would see someone about to commit suicide and BOOM – find my instant true love. No such luck.

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http://www.bar717.com/7ieqzw1if I even went to a restaurant to see if I would get invited to dinner by a kindly First Class family and show that I KNOW how to tell the difference between the salad and entree fork – but when no one spouted off an invite, I decided to happily dine solo.


https://www.mickshippen.com/2022/10/4qp4vdbrv1  So after dinner I tried to blend into some artwork…

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https://gamers4gamers.net/2022/10/06/xp9a468m2  …tried to act all brooding in an attempt to attract a mysterious lover…


https://colinsclassicauto.com/myhac9d3  …and when that didn’t work I headed up to the Crow’s Nest to spot an iceberg ( Ambien Online Europe or jetty at least) and await my imminent doom.


source Okay, so obviously it’s July in California so I didn’t spot any ‘bergs, BUT I saw one the sickest views I’ve seen in LA yet. The Long Beach skyline from the ship was gorgeous and reminded me that just because I was on a romantic cruise ship as a lonesome dove, didn’t mean that I couldn’t just suck up the cool experience and fall in love with Mary herself. So after I watched the sunset from the stern, I headed back into my cabin.


http://electronicexplorations.org/cr7b5nuvgr2 I sat on a plush chair and asked Mary to photograph me like one of her French girls, but she declined, so I tucked myself into bed and became bedfellows with Queen Mary for the rest of the night. She may be old, but at least I can say that I slept in the midst of royalty. How bout chu?


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  enter Shirt: Hollister ( https://lizaamericashost.com/j0x5reh $35)
watch Accessories: The Tie Thing ( Order Ambien From India $10)


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[ go to link Photos by the incomparable Rachel Madrigal: Find her on Facebook & Insta]

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