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Uncharted Waters: Amelia

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Uncharted Waters, by Kyle Langan, takes place in the Hamptons, hence the relevance to this blog 🙂 The Hamptons were always a HUGE source of inspiration for me growing up because of the lifestyle, beauty, and focus on creativity that goes on there. It only made sense that when I wrote my first book, the Hamptons had to play a major part. And truly, though the book centers on a squad of 4 main characters, the Hamptons truly acts as the fifth. SO. Who are these four main characters? First up, we have Amelia Colombo. And while I won’t go into too much detail so as not to give anything away, Amelia is clearly, as the headline suggests, running from something…or someone. Shipwrecked in the Hamptons, her only choice is to use her resourcefulness, wit, and determination to survive and experience a life she has only ever dreamed about, thus forcing her into the uncharted waters of the Hamptons lifestyle.

Will whatever she is running from follow her to the ritzy zip codes of the Hamptons? Is she even safe? Order the book HERE and find out soon all the juicy details!

I’ll be dropping another character poster later…and the next one might feature someone mildly familiar…

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