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When it comes to weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and other special occasions, people want to celebrate in an amazing venue so it can be as extraordinary as possible. However, standout venues can cost A LOT of money.

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In addition to paying for the space, equipment, and the like, you also need to spend for decor which can be quite costly if you’re not careful. Luckily, we’ve wrangled up 6 Tips to cut down on expenses AND still create your dream venue.

1. Mix & Match Textures
You don’t need expensive pieces for a breathtaking event. You’d be surprised by how affordable decor can transform a space. With the right hacks, you can make low-end pieces look high-end with the flick of your capable wrist.

Learn how to work and combine patterns, colors, and textures to upgrade decor pieces. For example, burlap runners are oh-so affordable, but they give off a rustic elegance when paired with classic white table covers. Inexpensive fairy lights can also instantly add breathtaking quality to any decor because they’re petite, yet bright enough to come across as minimally elegant.

Otherwise, you can go online and search for affordable party supplies.

2. Silk Flowers for the Win
Flowers are an absolute necessity for events like weddings, anniversaries, and many celebrations of the romantic genre. As decor pieces, flowers are simply undisputed in imbuing softness, elegance, and romance into a venue. However, real flowers can be expensive and high maintenance; watering is the WORST, plus they need to be handled with special care, or they will get bruised, bent, or wilted.

Ever hear of silk flowers?

Some people are apprehensive about using artificial flowers because they’re afraid that it would make their decor look gaudy or tacky AF. And while that may be the case for low-end artificial flowers, high-end lifelike silk flowers emulate the real deal. Sometimes, they look even better since the color can be more clean and the vibrant; the sizes, petals, and leaves more uniform. The impact that well made custom festoon lights (here) can have on your outdoor space is amazing and they’re quite reasonably priced too.

The biggest advantage of silk flowers is that you can reuse them for your next event.

3. Buy in Bulk
Buying supplies in bulk is cheaper than buying them per piece. You can get as much as 50% off when find wholesale prices. Most event decorating uses several of the same piece, so it makes more sense to buy in bulk. This also applies for craft supplies if you’re planning to DIY your decor.

Moreover, wholesale suppliers can offer you more choices for decor and craft supplies compared to a department store or specialty shop.

4. Look for Sales
If you can help it, never buy at full price. Stores always offer sales, especially when there’s a holiday. And it’s not just brick-and-mortar tools too. Online shops like flooring stores sunshine coast also have sales from time to time. In fact, they are often more generous with promotions – googling coupon codes is a MUST whenever online shopping. Additionally, prices at online stores are typically lower than physical ones since they don’t have to pay for store upkeep.

Here’s our picks for coupons when shopping: The Krazy Coupon Lady, Passion for Savings, Free Shipping, and a fewother coupon sites.

5. Used Items Are Your Friends
Used items are exponentially less expensive than brand new ones, but it doesn’t mean that they’re of lesser quality. Whether it’s furniture or brass decorative items, it can be made to shine again with a few simple. Browsing an qntique store or estate sale is VERY Hamptons-esque. All preppies love a bargain.

6. Do It Yourself
If you can’t buy it, make it. Sometimes it’s simpler to buy craft supplies than individual decorative pieces. Instead of buying ready-made table centerpieces, make your own with flowers from your garden for truly one-of-a-kind decoration.

Choosing to DIY your event decoration might take a little more time, but everyone loves something handmade.

Happy partying!

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