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Chambong: A New Way to Imbibe

#ChampagneSociety Loves Chambong - Hamptons to Hollywood

https://fizazzle.com/iiwpth6war As the creators of the #ChampagneSociety, we’re always looking for different and exciting ways to take our revelry to the next level. And guess what? We just found our new favorite way to drink champagne.


Enter Chambong, “a device used for the rapid and enhanced experience of sparkling wine/champagne consumption”. Essentially a champagne bong, similar to that of a beer bong (or funnel depending on your geographical location), the champagne flute with a curved stem allows you to drink your favorite bubbly in the same fashion as chugging a beer, but is WAY fancier.

Classy without being pretentious, funny and unifying between all groups of drinkers, the Chambong is perfect for pre-gaming, barbecues that need to be livened up, and classy holiday affairs that need to be turned up a notch. The #ChampagneSociety had the pleasure of partying with the gizmos this past weekend. The result? Fun for all. And don’t they go perfectly with our signature #ChampagneSociety apparel?


Grab yours today. With summer on the horizon, this may just be our booziest season yet. Cheers!


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