Last weekend I was invited to attend the Pan African Film Festival as a media correspondent to write a review on Parts of Disease, an independent film that made it’s world premiere at the event. You can read my full review HERE.Producer Billy Salvadore being interviewed about the filmBut I was also able to check out some awesomely authentic African inspired artwork in a gallery that was sponsored by the event as well. All the pieces were handmade by artists and included original paintings, sculptures, photography and prints.This was my personal favorite piece. Kind of like a Lupita Nyong’o meets Carlton from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. And I couldn’t go to a red carpet event without hopping in a few photos myself. Here I am with a few of the cast members.

Work at the clinic is moving along, albeit rather slowly. I’ve been working at my natural pace and had the office I am working in organized in no time at all. Completely. It’s so clean you could eat off my desk. So, because of my expediency, I was…well, promoted may be the wrong word… REASSIGNED. Yeah, let’s go with that, to the Boiler Room.The Boiler Room is this 12’x13′ room where, guess what? The boiler lives. However, it also has a graveyard of file cabinets stuffed with documents probably from the ’60’s. And guess whose job it is to rummage through and categorize everything? This guy.It’s all good though because I really am becoming an organizational machine. I know, my Mom would have a coronary if she heard me say that judging from the way my bedroom looked from the ages of 8-20, but listen, Mom, this time, it’s professional.The…

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