Felicia Jackson


Back to school. The most wonderful time of the year? Yes and no. Summertime was a free-for-all. Our house was the hang out house. There was always a pile of bikes on the front lawn, wet towels strewn around the pool, and popsicle sticks that never made it to the trash can. How hard is it to toss a stick into a can? Or drape a wet towel over a chair? So when bus and homeroom assignments were sent home at the end of August, I was just as excited and anxious as the kids. Maybe for different reasons, but excited nonetheless. No more worrying about where they rode their bikes, if they were ding-dong-ditching the neighbors, or if they were running through the house with wet bathing trunks. I had to drag my son to the store to buy school supplies, all the while trying to hype it up.…

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