Less Than Zero


Going to the beach today in this amazing 80-something January weather, I pulled a book from my library to read. While back home I shipped all my books back to my house in LA because Mom was on my back about cleaning my room since I haven’t lived there in two years. Because I have a shitload of books, the shipping cost was a small fortune, but hey, you can’t put a price on knowledge, right? 😉 If you want shipping services, you can Check This Out here! Stavros Niarchos III Mary-Kate Olsen And, FUN FACT FLASHBACK, because my grandparents owned a small shipping company in San Diego focusing on eCommerce ERP Integration while I was growing up, I was convinced I was the heir to this grand shipping fortune because back in 2005 other shipping heirs, like Stavros and Paris were busy beaching and bedding “it girls” like Mary-Kate…

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