Unless you’re living under the Rock of Ages (which thankfully was not nominated for Best Musical), the Golden Globes are tomorrow night.  During last year’s award show, I stealthily tried to sneak into the event, which you can refresh your memory with HERE, but unfortunately was denied access into any swanky after parties.  So of course, there’s the impending decision if I should keep up with tradition and try to attend tomorrow’s red carpet as well. Thoughts?  Your opinions matter, everyone. In other news, HAPPY NEW YEAR.  Guess what?  We didn’t die.  Suck it, Mayans. Therefore, in response to not dying, I am really going to try and make myself some resolutions this year, because, you know, that’s what everyone does in January – makes stupid promises to themselves they know they won’t keep.  BUT, since I have this blog, I feel somewhat obligated and accountable for what I say…

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