Since my last post was not as popular as I would have hoped, I decided to include a picture of myself supporting Movember. You can still register your mustache HERE, to support men’s health and prostate cancer.I think I’m finally pulling off the ruggedly handsome look, if I do say so myself.

I have a beard… …ish. My fellow mustache care aficionados – tis the season! It’s No-Shave-November, Movember if you will, the time of year when growing a mustache or beard is perfectly acceptable. I wrote an article on it for Guest of a Guest last year, which you can read HERE if you feel so inclined. It’s kind of a cool feeling for once. It’s different, yeah, but different can be good. I’ve always dreamed about doing it, but haven’t had a solid chance since I’ve worked for Abercrombie for the past year where being hairless is their calling card. That and when I go in for auditions, I clearly can’t be sporting some massive growth on my face when in my headshot my cheeks are as smooth…

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