On Day 2 of my Coronado adventure, I awoke bright and early (which was funny due to the fact that I had partied the night away into the wee hours only a short time prior with Steven and Jessica) and was READY for the day. Turns out the hotel room Breezy, Court and I accommodated was amazingly satisfying – which I expected due to the Hotel Del Coronado’s esteemed reputation. Waking up with a fresh cup ‘a Joe and catching up on my morning magazines was not a bad way to start the day. NOT BAD AT ALL. Then, thanks to the Perpetual Plannings of Breezy (which I think should be the title of her next book), we decided to meet up with old college friends and new San Diego residents, Terry and Mike, for a Champagne Cruise around the bay. I mean, can you say “right up my alley”?…

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