I just read an interesting article about how people who live in apartment buildings, or in close quarters with others, should not be embarrassed to have loud sex. I, however, disagree.I have interesting neighbors. Two of the kindest lesbians you’ll ever meet live just feet away (and refer to themselves as “old dykes” – a title I’ll never be comfortable with); a bearded, night-shift working, chronic pot-smoking, Bud Light loving man named Ike (alias) who keeps to himself isn’t far away; and the newest of the group, Karen (alias), a red-headed, big bootied, chihuahua obsessed lady who lives right above me moved in a few months back. And it was Karen that I heard having the most outrageous sex known to mankind.Now listen, I’m no prude, but Karen is upwards of 50, and she’s not especially easy to look at. If we’re going off outward appearances alone, I’d say she…

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