What’s up, Portland!? At Hamptons to Hollywood, travel is a must, but oddly enough Portland wasn’t on our immediate itinerary. However, when given the opportunity to go, we NEVER pass up an adventure (and neither should you, FYI). Jon’s Mom is a new native to the Portland area so we were excited to make the voyage to the Pacific Northwest to pay her a proper visit. The famed Multnomah Falls was our first stop and the pictures don’t even do it justice; from the massive waterfalls to the varying arrays of gorgeous greens and blues, it was a little piece of paradise. And the food in Portland…YUM! Apparently when it’s raining constantly, all Portlandians do is coop themselves up in their kitchens and find new ways to make your favorite dishes extra delicious; all the food was incredible. Yes, the rain was commonplace, but it was also a great excuse…

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