Quentin Tarantino


Back by popular demand, I decided to upkeep my tradition of trying to crash the Golden Globes this year. And guess what? It worked…ish.The second annual sneak attack worked moderately well. I made my way to Beverly Hills and knew exactly where to park, because I had done it all before. So I stashed my car and took Chad with me as a wingman. He wasn’t too amped on breaking into the ceremony, but I convinced him the event would change his life, so of course he obliged. Decked to the nines, I strutted past the first wave of security by telling them I was picking up my press pass at Will Call. They kindly let me through and I made my way down the sidewalk in front of The Beverly Hilton and onto the Golden Globes’ Red Carpet. I was pretty excited, I can’t lie. It was a feeling…

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