Rich Kids of Beverly Hills


FLASHBACK – 2 YEARS & 1 MONTH AGO: I had just arrived in Los Angeles, completely clueless about the city, knowing absolutely no one, but with one potential point of contact; Guest of a Guest. I was fresh out of the Hamptons and was looking to expand my horizons in the L.A. offices.When I walked in the GofG office, I was greeted by two svelte, blonde bombshells a.k.a. the L.A. Staff – Emily and Morgan. Total Babes. It became apparent that solely concentrating on my writing would prove to be more difficult than I thought. Emily was the editor, and as far as I could tell, Morgan was in charge of the events. After only being there a few hours, Morgan had me in stitches. She was talking about some kind of a pastry called a “chocolate loaf” that sounded epic and quite honestly, she put the first smile on…

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