Currently I’m sitting on my couch, listening to 90’s pop-music on Pandora, and trying not to get sick. I have “a touch” of a cold so last night I sprinted to Ralph’s and stocked up on OJ and chicken soup. Anytime there’s an excuse for soup, I’m on it. I also have work tonight, at Portobello’s, so hopefully my illness we be kept at bay long enough for me not to sneeze into someone’s bolognese. There’s a CHOCOLATE festival that I was going to attend today, but seeing as how cocoa probably isn’t the best for me in my current state, I might have to rethink that game-plan.Also, I wanna give a huge THANK YOU to all my people in twitterverse, especially Sarah Michelle Gellar, who retweeted my Cruel Intentions post. Since then, my blog has been getting hit up, so I just wanna express my appreciation for everyone who took…

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