Sophos Cafe


Tucked in one of the most unlikely of places is where you’ll find Sopho’s Cafe; a delicious eatery serving great cuisine in an eclectic and relaxed setting. At Hamptons to Hollywood, we love the hidden gems as much as we luxury establishments we often find ourselves in. Sopho’s is the former in that it’s a Mediterranean-inspired cafe tucked within the HUB on Venice that many nights features live entertainment. The establishment’s whimsical array of mix-and-match furniture paired with it’s inviting courtyard make it the perfect spot for an under-the-radar and chilled out night with friends. However, just because the seats aren’t dripping in crushed velvet doesn’t mean it’s not amazing. The food is superb! Their nightly happy hour offers a wide selection of domestic favorites, IPA’s, and a solid wine list, while their food is reminiscent of being cooked by your Italian grandmother in the back kitchen; hearty, delicious, and…

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