If we’re speaking truthfully, as much as it pains me to say it, the only person that will most likely review this film, is me. Which is sad, because I starred in it. But hey, you take what you can get. And I’m working on changing that – on getting this project as much press and exposure as possible. Fingers crossed.”The Undertaker’s Son” is a feature film that was shot in the spring of 2011 by director Alex Borowski. It was a low-budget endeavor to be sure, but with a solid storyline, crew, and professional audition process, I was excited to be a part of the project. I finally received a screener of the film a couple weeks ago, and was thrilled to see my work in the piece. Did it live up to its expectations? Ehhh…The film follows Cormac Bailey, an aspiring and talented writer, whose father falls ill…

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