The Agency


As you might have noticed, Hamptons to Hollywood has taken a bit of an unintended hiatus. Why you ask? Well… Approximately two weeks ago I was diagnosed with a random airborne-transmitted BLOOD INFECTION, that had me suffering through cold sweats, irregular body temperatures, a sore throat, the whole enchilada. I went to Urgent Care one day (and I NEVER go to the doctor) because I was at my wits end…and my health insurance was expiring. When I get in, the doc tells me if I would have come in any later, the infection would have spread to heart, so virtually, I could have DIED. WTF. Two IV bags and a round of antibiotics later, I regained full-health, but yeah, the blogging fell by the wayside a tad. ALSO – things on the career front have shifted a bit. I’m happy to announce that I am now managing the social media…

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