Weekend Recap


WHAT A WEEKEND. Chicago friends, Trevor and Jason, headed to the City of Angels this past weekend and brought with them all the sass and shenanigans we all expected. However, this time they brought their friend Christy with them, a spunky ball of energy that could more than hold all her with a group guys. In fact, she might have partied harder than all of us (?). On Thursday, after a long day, I met up with the Chicogonians and Jon, who were all partaking in a little happy hour. Before we all knew it, we were out on the town at a nightclub where everyone was preparing for the busy LA Pride Weekend. We somehow ended up at the Sofitel Hotel for a brief moment, but with just enough time to hijack the photo-booth that was on display (because I always love a good photobooth) and I’m pretty sure…

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